IoT Backup

Backup is often essential. We engineered a fast way to copy your hardware device memory into a reliable, secure and encrypted server infrastructure.


Many distributed plants are composed of control units, gateways and concentrators in charge of controlling a network of hardware pieces on the field. The typical infrastructure is the one shown below.

In this scenario is fundamental to backup the contents stored within the control unit (gateway). Generally, these backups are performed manually by technician using USB sticks or using manual procedure remotely connecting to the gateway using a VPN network or on unsecure HTTP connection behind Network Address Translation (NAT).


Thanks to the IoT Backup product, we are able to provide an out-of-the-box ready solution to easily backup your remote control unit. Just install the IoT Backup Connector within the software running on the control unit (available both for Unix and Windows based systems) and that’s it: now your hardware is automatically backed-up on our secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. Through an easy to use portal, you will be then able to schedule backup frequency and rule for each one of the connected hardware pieces.

Our backup solutions relies on a geographically replicated data center infrastructure, in order to guarantee your data persistency also in case of natural disaster. Moreover, thanks to the transactional nature of our software layer, you will be always sure that once a data is confirmed as stored, it is persisted in our servers.
Worried about the privacy of your data? You can enable the Crypto-Module: in this way, all the data will be encrypted before coming to our server and you will be the only able to read them.

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