IoT Transport

We engineered a fast, secure, reliable and cost effective way to transport data from your connected hardware piece to your remote server infrastructure.


Things connected to the Internet: easy to say, hard to realize. All your devices must connect in a way or another to a remote service: what about the security of this connection? What about the costs? What about the reliability? And what if the latency is high enough to disrupt the connection itself? Or the remote service temporarily becomes unavailable?
No panic, we have you covered.


In order to cope with the many aspects required to correctly implement such a system, we built a dedicated transport layer that features, out-of-the-box, the following features:

  1. high degree of safety and automation during the installation phases, implemented with the highest security standards (mutual SSL auth and multiple levels of service isolation)
  2. high degree of flexibility in interpreting data, to support all case studies pertaining Industry 4.0.
  3. high degree of scalability of the system, to enable an ever growing devices fleet to rely on a robust backend service.
  4. event-response and event-alarm engine, required to enable all the supervisory functions of a standard IoT/Industry 4.0 system
  5. bandwidth control, as required by any SIM-connected device

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