IoT Updater

We engineered a secure remote firmware update delivery process, which relies on a protected transport layer and a centralized certification authority.


The hardware you sold to your customer and that is now shipped all over the world has a firmware inside. And firmware is actually software. And, you know, any piece of software need an update, sooner or later. Today, your firmware updates are expensive since they have to be performed manually by technician using USB sticks or using manual procedure remotely connecting to the gateway using a VPN network or on unsecure HTTP connection behind Network Address Translation (NAT).


IoT Updater is a product ables to manage a remote firmware update procedure within a secure and reliable sandbox environment. In fact, when managing a remote update, you need to be sure of two fundamental aspects:

  1. The firmware update must be controlled remotely, enabling the customer to schedule the operation on the entire device pool, to rollback when needed, and to collect statistics on what has been performed on the machines;
  2. The firmware that will update your hardware is a critical piece of software: corruptions (random or malevolous) must be avoided. We employ multiple levels of asymmetric cryptography and secure digital signatures so that no malign update happens in case of a security breach; and we implement the state of the art in terms of security updates mechanisms;
  3. We take into account memory, too: in case your microcontroller happens to be memory-constrained, we do incremental updates, too.

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