Why Bottega52

In Italy, a “Bottega” is a kind of business activity that puts a great deal of care and effort in delivering high quality, handcrafted products.

Our softwares follow the same philosophy: they are high quality and handcrafted, tailored after our customers' needs. As in traditional Italian “Botteghe”, we take special care in the professional and personal growth of our team members, letting them dedicate space and time for their creativity and education.

The number “52” represents the year of birth of Leonardo da Vinci, who was born in Tuscany in 1452. He may be considered the first engineer in history. During his life Leonardo resided and worked in Milan and loved the city, as we do today.

As documented in Scritti Letterari by Da Vinci, “it seems clear that Leonardo was determined to stay in Milan, a city that fascinated him for its openness to new scientific and technological discoveries.”

Our stack


What we are

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

- Henry Ford -

Software Development

We deliver high quality software, with a deep focus on the interaction with customers, on the system design process and on the code.

Scalable Web Services

We build web apps and services with a keen eye for, and ability to manage, the hidden complexity behind distributed systems.


Real-Time Analytics

We collect data from different and heterogeneous data sources, and stream this data through real-time analytics pipelines.


Internet of Things

IoT applications are complex distributed systems. We engineer the software side of these systems, collaborating with the hardware and firmware guys in order to “deliver it right” to the customer.


Infrastructure as Code

We design infrastructures in order to support an Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) approach. Through IAC we significantly reduce the cost of managing the entire infrastructures while increasing their maintainability.


Mobile & Frontend

We create custom mobile apps and frontend, with responsive and reactive user interfaces. We put strong attention to the user interaction, following a user-driving design approach while creating our solutions.


AI & Computer Vision

Application of AI-related and Computer Vision techniques in multiple contexts, like measurement of human behaviour, preference analysis, simulations, 3D reconstructions from point clouds.


Do you want your idea to become a groundbreaking reality?

Discuss it with us. We are always open to interesting projects.

Our Products

We have crystallized our experiences in the web and IoT markets in few amazing products. We integrate them into your existing or to-be solutions, giving additional power to your ideas, projects and systems.

IoT Transport

We engineered a fast, secure, reliable and cost effective way to transport data from your connected hardware piece to your remote server infrastructure.


IoT Backup

Backup is often essential. We engineered a fast way to copy your hardware device memory into a reliable, secure and encrypted server infrastructure.


IoT Updater

We engineered a secure remote firmware update delivery process, which relies on a protected transport layer and a centralized certification authority.


IoT Messenger

We engineered a plug-and-play product to translate the data your devices have
into human readable SMS, e-mails or app push notifications.


IoT Connector

Connection to remote servers from embedded systems is painful. We engineered a plug-and-play module to avoid all the networking configurations.


IoT Payments

We let you easily integrate payments within your existing hardware solution,
enabling the possibility to sell services instead of devices.


IoT Unified Authentication

We engineered a simple way to authenticate a specific customer to its specific server,
without the need of custom networking configurations.


IoT Analytics

We engineered the most easy-to-use set of dashboards and query language that can virtually connect to your fleet in order to give you the insights that you need.


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Our inspiration

"It seems clear that Leonardo was determined to stay in Milan, a city that fascinated him for its openness to new scientific and technological discoveries."
Scritti Letterari, Leonardo da Vinci
About Bottega52 SRL

Bottega52 designs, implements, deploys, and maintains software solutions to create Cloud based systems, Mobile apps and Internet of Things applications.

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